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We Got the Call…

At the end of August 2011 we entered The ReUse People contest submitting our garden shed.  We had to submit four pictures and write a 250 word description of our project and the materials used.  Entries were judged on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of design and execution (installation)
  2. Replicability of concept
  3. Clarity of description
  4. Quality of photographs

A month went by, we didn’t hear back so we figured we didn’t pass muster.  Based on the incredible project that won in 2010, it didn’t surprise us but we were a little disappointed.

Life carried on as normal and then the first week of November, to our surprise, we got the call congratulating us on winning the 2011 Reuse People contest.  Woo hoo!!  <visualize two people doing the happy dance>  We couldn’t believe we won.  What did we win, you ask?  A $225 gift card to their store (this goes a long way).  Additionally, posters publicizing our project hang in the store and are also displayed at green building shows throughout California including West Coast Green in San Francisco, AltBuild Expo in Santa Monica, and California Resource Recovery Association convention.  How cool, right?

The link on their site to the 2011 winners isn’t correct, it goes to the 2010 winners.  Here’s the link if you’re interested.  Also, if you have a re-use project you’d like to submit, here’s the info for the 2012 contest.

Wondering if we’ve spent any of our winnings yet?  Why yes, we have.

We bought some sizable brand new crown and base molding for our son’s room.  Covering the entire room was only $5.  It pays to visit your local re-use store!

We bought an old door ($25) and turned it into a headboard for our son’s room.

We also bought the wood ($12) for our decorative branch fence project.

I fell in love with these three wood screens ($15 each) and will find a use for them soon!

We still have $140 left and I promise will be put to good use in future projects.  Enjoy the day!

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