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The Beauty of Nature

Last week I was spending much needed time vacationing in San Diego with family.  On Earth Day we happened to be at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  It was a gorgeous Spring day spent viewing gorgeous botannicals and animals.  Everywhere we went, it was like breathing a breath of fresh air.  The calm, the renewal, the growth, the pure and simple joy of watching things come to life made me think this was the perfect way to spend Earth Day.

A few days later I captured these photos from Sea World.

I was pleased to see how the park (for the most part) has transformed into having animals perform skills seen in the wild versus performing unnatural tricks.

Here’s one last photo taken on the ever so fun ride, Journey to Atlantis.  This was the first time our son had been on an adult roller coaster and he LOVED it!  His face may show otherwise.  Grandpa and Grandma look a little scared too!  Me? I was calm, cool, and collected.  Ha!  😉

On a final note, I find I’m most inspired outdoors, especially when on a new adventure.  Not only was last week a wonderful family trip, but I found inspiration in rock formations; decorative pieces; certain color combinations at an animal show or in wall art; and from the animals themselves.  I hope today’s post has provided some motivation for you to get out into nature and seek new ideas for your yard.  What do you find beatiful in nature?


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Grandma W - Your pictures of San Diego are beautiful and sounds like you all enjoyed your spring break to the max. My favorite picture by far is the roller coaster – the fun and thrills were infectious and gave me the giggles for quite a while.
As the snow is mostly gone, we finally got into the yard yesterday. I have to say just cleaning away debris and getting the ground ready for a June 1st planting is motivating. Summer is painfully short here in Fairbanks but oh so intense. My seed starts in the basement thrill me when they emerge. Some things will get moved to the green house this week despite a predicted high on Wednesday of 36 degrees. Yes, painfully short summer but so eagerly anticipated.

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