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Sneak Peek at The Kitchen Countertops & Backsplash

We’re moving right along on our kitchen update.  I can’t really call it a remodel as we’re not moving any appliances around, taking out walls, or replacing the cabinetry.  However, it’s already feeling like a remodel to us after painstakingly removing those darn countertops.  Let us wipe that from the memory banks, shall we?  Moving onto the pretty stuff…

From the moment I heard about Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops, back in the late ’90’s, I knew someday I’d have it in my house.  Unfortunately, not this time around (it’s very pricey).  Years down the road we’re going to completely gut the kitchen and do it right.  When that happens, that’s when Vetrazzo will have a permanent home in our kitchen!  There’s multiple reasons why I love it so.  From it being a recycled product to it plain just being pretty.  Mostly, I love that it was started locally, in Berkeley, CA and then moved to an historic building, Ford Assembly Building, in Richmond, CA.  On Vetrazzo’s web site, it used to talk about where it acquired the glass; from old buildings in San Francisco, etc.  I enjoyed reading about the history of those buildings and loved that I could have a piece of history in my home.  Before I get too nostalgic on you, Vetrazzo was sold in 2010 and production was moved to Georgia.  Boo for the local economy, but fantastic for the owners who can kick back and enjoy the fruits of their labor!  Congrats!

Here’s the Vetrazzo countertop I’d most likely have in my future kitchen:

Here it is in actual kitchen:

Nice, don’t ya think?  When it comes to kitchens I tend to believe one should choose a neutral palette for the permanent pieces (for resale purposes) such as countertops, cabinets, and backsplash.  I’m not saying everything has to be white, beige or grey, just tasteful and re-sellable.  When it comes time for us to sell, I personally don’t want the listing agent telling me that buyers will consider the beautiful-in-my-eyes kitchen a tear out.  Ouch!  So, while I personally may want to choose a more colorful Vetrazzo countertop, the logic in me says to stay neutral.

Back when I discovered Vetrazzo for the first time, I also ran across glass countertops:

There’s some pretty cool and artistic ideas they can incorporate into it:

Everything I’ve read says they’re very durable, but do scratch.  As appealing as glass countertops are to me because they’re so different, knowing me, I’d have those babies scratched up and cracked in half in no time!

Perhaps in moderation?

Since we’re not doing Vetrazzo or glass what’s left?  Too many options to discuss here, so I’ll just get straight to it!  We’re going with Iced White Quartz.

I like that it looks similar to the Vetrazzo, but doesn’t carry the same cost.  A nice compromise!

We decided on a light countertop because our wood floors and lower cabinets are pretty dark.  Plus, the kitchen itself is pretty dark with only one medium sized window hidden from the sun by a porch overhang.  Yes, we could paint the cabinets, but we just painted a couple of years ago and we have more pressing things to get to, like some fun!

Once we chose the countertops, the backsplash was pretty easy.  We decided to keep it classic and go with a 3×6 subway marble tile.  It’s called Arabescato marble.  It originates from China (which makes it cheaper) and has a mainly white background with grey and beige veining.  We specifically chose this marble because the beige veining works well with our cabinets and countertops.  Tough to see the details in the image, but I promise it has the beige and grey.

I can’t wait to show you the completed kitchen in a few weeks!

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