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Red, White & Blue Jeans

Happy 4th of July!  I’ve been away for a couple of days playing.  I’m finding it more difficult in the summer to post regularly because my son is either home (and we’re playing) or I’m carting him around to swim lessons and sports camps.  As a result, I’ve decided to post every M/W/F this summer because I honestly think that’s all I can get to.  Family first, right?

How many of you have a favorite pair of jeans you can’t part with? I have a pair I’ve had over ten years.  They’re soft and worn.  I love the fit.  However, they’re well past their prime; overly faded, frayed edges, and a few small holes starting around the back pockets.  I swear they’ll make it another few years though.  They just have to!!

Yesterday, I decided to freshen them up a bit with a dye job.

I’ve never done this before, so it was definitely a little nerve wracking not knowing if I was going to be happy with the end result.  They are my favorite jeans after all.  Well, it was a really straight forward process.  Choose a utility sink, a large bucket, something besides your bath tub – unless you want a new color tub. 🙂  Since the mix was dry, I had to place two cups of hot water in a bucket and stir in the dry mix until dissolved.  Take note of the sorta clean utility sink.

Next, the directions stated to fill the sink with just enough hot water to cover the jeans.  Then, pour the mix in and stir constantly for 10-30 minutes depending on how dark you want the garment.  Side note, remember to wear gloves so your hands don’t color.

Checking the color after 15 minutes.

 I decided to rinse after 25 minutes.  The directions stated to rinse until water was clear. Oh my.

After 20 minutes they were ready to go into the washer.

A warm wash with a little soap and then toss in the dryer.

Yikes!  Look at the utility sink!!  A bleach and water solution with a jolly green giant arm scrub and a half hour later I was done.

Here’s the finished product.

Up close they definitely don’t have that ‘jeans’ look – they look dyed – but it’s pretty darn close. What do you think?  Can I get another couple years wear?

Have a wonder holiday and I’ll be back with another post on Friday!

(image from a fireworks show in South Carolina on our vacation)






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