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Taking a Break in the Action

Happy Thursday everyone!  I saw these sweet Winnie the Pooh quotes and they melted my heart.  Sometimes we get so caught up in doing doing doing that we forget to simply be and feel.

Especially in these last few weeks of school I have definitely been guilty of doing. However, for the next week and a half I get to BE with family on a much needed vacation.  I’ll be taking a week off from posting during this time but will back in a flash!

Have a wonderful week!!


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Late Spring Bloomers

Greetings!  Today, I thought I’d share a bit of what’s growing and blooming in our yard.  I am always so excited when our garden starts looking lush, produces lots of flowers and fruits, and when we’re visited by special friends!

Rainier Cherries (my fav) from the tree…

…to the table.  We’ve gobbled up over 500 of these in the past three weeks!

Misty Blueberries

Unbelievably sweet strawberries.  Grow your own organically at home and you’ll never buy from the store again!

A couple of stalks of broccoli we let go to flower.  I didn’t realize it was such a pretty flower!

Every day we’re visited by new and beautiful friends.  A butterfly on the butterfly bush.

Diascia Integerrima – so sweet and feminine.

Nicotiana Alata – Lime Green.  This particular plant I have is of an heirloom variety that gets about five feet tall.  The blooms open in the evening to add a nice pop of color.

Purple Smoke Bush.  The leaves add a nice contrast to all the green in our yard.

White Bouquet Tansy.  A lovely carpet of very small daisy-like flowers.
Dahlia Coccinea – Orange Hybrid.  A nice contract next to some purple Dahlia in a small area of the yard.
I have five varieties of Dahlia and this one is my favorite!  Dahlia ‘Dark Side of the Sun’
Enjoy the day!

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