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My Obsession with Annieglass

There arent too many products I swoon over that make my heart pitter patter, but Annieglass is one of them.

I was first introduced to locally made Annieglass back in the early ’90’s by a family member.  When I say obsession, one would assume I have a collection like one has never seen.  It’s actually quite the opposite.  Annieglass is so uniquely beautiful and precious (and not to mention pricey), that I choose my pieces with great care.  I display them, use them, and am always asked where I got them.

The following photo gallery is a sampling of the wide variety of products available. All images are from the Annieglass website.

According to the Annieglass website, when Annie is designing a new piece, she is often reluctant to name it. All too frequently, a cocktail tray is overlooked for what could be the perfect setting for a sandwich because it has been suggested for martinis.

“I strongly encourage you to be creative with Annieglass,” Annie says.  “Every piece of Annieglass can be and should be used for a variety of objects. Ruffle cake stands make just as exquisite a resting place for dark chocolate velvet cakes as brie cheeses, and a salad plate makes a charming display for a bottle of wine, or a candle.”

I use my pieces in a variety of ways just as Annie has suggested.  This platinum rimmed slab holds decorative wood balls.

Here’s my favorite piece I own:

Here’s a video of Annie talking about how she got started in the business and the process of making a piece.

With the telling of her story and her incredible artistry, I’m sold on Annieglass!!  What’s your favorite Annieglass piece?


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