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How We Got a Table We Wanted

How many of you have seen this beauty from Hudson Furniture?

Were any of you curious enough to call the company and ask for a price?  I was and I did, about three years ago.  Before I tell you how much, I knew wealthy people bought from Hudson so I was pretty sure I couldn’t afford it.  However, there was the ‘what if’ thought tapping me on the shoulder.  What if they’re having a sale?  What if it’s not as expensive as I think?  What if I really could afford it?  There I was trying to convince myself of the possibility, but was quickly jolted back into reality when I heard $15,000 casually spill out of the mouth of the other person on the line.  Once I caught my breath, I kindly thanked her for her time, hung up, and had a moment of silence to process the loss of MY table.

After my pint-sized pity party, I got to researching.  I knew there had to be a way I could replicate the table at a fraction of the cost.  I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found Jim Parodi, out of Berkeley.  After chatting with him on the phone, I discovered he’s a master craftsman and really an all around nice guy.

The hubby and I made a trip up there to look at several wood slabs.

 Here’s a small sampling of his stock:

Although the Hudson table is a gorgeous walnut, and a harder wood, we chose a redwood, softer wood, slab.  It was less expensive than the walnut at $750 (prices vary based on length and width).  The measurements of our table are 7′ long x 4′ wide x 3″ thick.  It comfortably seats 8.

While perusing the shop, we showed Jim the Hudson table and asked if he knew anyone who could make the legs for us.  He put us in touch with a good friend’s son, Matt Jones, a metal artisan.  We took a look at his portfolio and were sold.  He’s created some incredible pieces.

Matt was willing to make the legs at a very reasonable price (minus the hammered look and platinum finish).  I can’t list the price because after he completed the job, he told us he’d charge the next person a lot more.  Sorry!  😉

Here’s the finished product:

Steel table leg with cross bar support.  Matt used a combination of stain colors to make it look worn and rusted.

Instead of squaring off the sides, we kept the ‘tree’ shaped edges.

Tree growth rings.  We counted the rings and the tree was 55 years old.

We absolutely love the table!  If we ever get tired of the finish color, it’ll be easy to sand and create a whole new look for the room.

We often receive compliments on our table.  However, it takes people a while to believe that it’s one solid slab piece; not bookend pieces or planks glued together.  It’s okay, it was hard for us to believe a sustainably obtained, high quality beautiful slab table was possible for us.

If you’re interested in Matt doing a metal project for you, his email is mattjones720[at] gmail [dot] com (formatted this way because of those pesky spammers).

Have a good one!





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