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Hallway Before & After

When we got the keys to our house three years ago, the first thing I did (and this was within minutes) was take down the 70’s gold veined mirror tiles glued to our hallway wall.  You all know what I’m talking about!  I think everyone had at least one wall covered in their house in the 70’s.

This is the only picture I have of the mirror tile.  Tough to see, but it really is there!

Can you believe the tile was mortared right on top of the hardwood floor?  One day we’ll get to working on that messy project.  On another note, amazingly enough the paneling was in great shape (smooth, no dings, and only two nail holes) so we decided to keep it and paint over it.  Bonus!  I chose a bright color because there’s no natural lighting, only two small recessed lights.  In addition to painting we also bought a wainscoting kit that was super simple to put together.  We measured the walls, ordered the lengths, followed the instructions, and it was up in half a day.

We spray painted the HVAC intake cover and the recessed light trim in white to blend in with the ceiling.  Crown molding was added.  I bought runners on clearance from Home Decorators to cover that lovely floor tile.  We changed out the hardware on 7 of the 8 doors (front door excluded) and the knobs on the linen storage doors.  Last, family photos were hung for a personal touch.

 Literally, a night and day difference don’t you think?  It went from a dark, dungeon-like hallway to a bright and cheery space.  Overall, the total cost to spruce up the hallway was $650.  The wainscot was about $400 and the remaining $250 was spent on the runners, crown molding, hardware, and paint.  Eventually, we’ll add a sun tunnel to bring in some natural light.  A door or two will go away when we remodel the bathrooms so it won’t feel so Winchester Mystery house-ish.  Still a work in progress, but it’s getting better!!

Have a good one!


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