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Driveway Side Yard Update

It’s Friiiidaaaay and I’m showing you a quick update on our side yard project (I have to get back out there and help the hubby)!  If you remember about a month ago I showed you the design for the area and the arbor we built using doors.  Next on the list is building the decorative fence.  Since we love to re-purpose items to be kinder to the Earth, we decided to pick up some free pallets to make our picket fence.

 In order to build the fence, the pallets had to be deconstructed first.  The hubby tried to pull all the nails by hand.

He threw that idea out the window in a matter of minutes and out came the ‘saws all.’

Although the nail heads were left in using this method, they swiftly disappeared after cutting the boards to size.

You’ll notice some nails in the middle of the boards.  This doesn’t bother us as the boards will be painted and plantings will cover that area of the boards as well.  It’s magic (and a lot less work for us).

Next, all the boards were ripped in half.  We picked up 5 pallets not knowing how many ‘pickets’ we’d need.  After doing all our calculations, turns out we need 92 boards.  The five pallets are giving us exactly 92 boards (after ripping in half).  Woo hoo!

After a couple of half days of work, here’s all the boards cut and ready to be assembled into our picket fence!  I can’t wait!!

This weekend we’re working on building the fence in place and hopefully painting it as well.  Wish us luck that everything will run smoothly!  Famous last words, right?

Enjoy the weekend!

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