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DIY Mirror

About two years ago I saw a mirror online for $250.  I really liked it and thought it would look great above the new fireplace remodel.  Of course, I wasn’t willing to spend $250 so we quickly whipped up this DIY mirror.  It looks exactly like the one I saw online.  I honestly don’t think you can tell the difference between the $250 and the $5 version.  Yes, I said $5!!!  If you don’t have some of these items on hand it’ll cost you a little more, between $30 – $50 depending on what you have on hand.  Here’s the list of supplies you’ll need:

  • MDF
  • One 12″ mirror tile
  • Mirror adhesive
  • Sponge roller (works best with the MDF – doesn’t leave brush lines)
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Picture hanging kit (similar to this) OR two 1/2″ wood screws and chain
  • Jigsaw
  • Cordless drill
  • 220 grit sandpaper

I asked the husband to look at our wood stash and find a smooth finished wood.  He came back with MDF, the perfect choice for this project!  For the space above the fireplace, I felt a 27″ round would work best.  He got to making a homemade compass for our perfectly round circle (nail hammered into the MDF, 13.5″ string tied to nail, pencil tied to string, pencil to MDF, make the circle, and wah-la).  Using a jigsaw, he cut the circle and also an 11″ square for the 12″ mirror tile and then sanded it.

We took a brief intermission to head over to Home Depot for the 12″ mirror tiles.  We lucked out!  There was one box left and the top tile was broken.  We only needed one, so we asked for a discount.  They offered $5 and we jumped on it!  We have four more mirrors sitting around but I’m sure we’ll find a way to use them.

Next, I primed and painted the MDF with white paint left over from another project.  To create the golden brown color variations, I used three different shades of acrylic craft paint I had on hand.  With a rag I rubbed horizontal  lines across the wood until I got the desired effect.  After drying, we attached the mirror using a mirror adhesive.  Then we screwed an 18″ long chain in place with two screws 17″ apart.  We used chain we had lying around instead of buying wire.

And there you have it!  We had all the supplies except the mirror tile which made for the least expensive mirror we’ve ever had!

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