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Color Board Inspiration #4

Good morning!  I had a wonderful vacation and will be sharing some of it later this week.  In the meantime, enjoy this inspiration board.

(bouquet image source)

All these images are either bright, fresh, or pretty just like the above bouquet:

(image source)

pink and green

Girl’s room (image source)


Sweet for a nursery.  Sarah’s House (season 2)

This is definitely on the feminine side but tastefully done.  Sarah’s House (season 2)

I love this for the shocking punch of color it invites in.  If done right (simple and understated), the room can be beautiful using this as the inspiration piece. (image source)

The only pink is in the pillows.  I like the combination of the orange, pink, green, white and gold. (image source)

This next room is a bit too high energy for me to live in, but I would love to hang out in it for a while.  (image source)
Again, very feminine but tastefully done. (image source)

Girly, girly, girly is what I’d say about this next image.  There must not be a male living in this household.  (image source)

 I definitely found it challenging to find a room with just the smallest of pink and green accents that a male would be happy living in.  Looks like these colors are just for us ladies.

Have a great day!




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