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Birthday Fun

A few weeks ago, our son had his first official birthday party where friends were invited and it was held somewhere fun!  For as long as we could, we avoided the birthday bashes and made his day a special and intimate day with just the three of us.  We knew the day would come when mom and dad would become old hat.  That day was last year’s birthday.

About a week leading up to last year’s birthday he started requesting a birthday party with friends.  Little did he know we already planned to take him to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  So over a few day period when he’d ask about the friends party, we’d tell him for his 6th birthday he could do it.  He wasn’t happy with that answer, but he is a kid who completely and totally lives in the moment and becomes a happy boy again about one minute after being disappointed or angry.  Eventually, he smartened up and asked what was happening for his birthday since it couldn’t be with friends.  We told him it was a surprise.  Again, he didn’t like that answer, but didn’t pester us too much about it because he lives in the moment.

The night before his birthday we packed up the car with beach toys, his suit, etc., so he wouldn’t see where we were going.  The morning of his birthday we got in the car and off we went.  On the freeway he asked where we were going.  We told him beach boardwalk.  Then, the water works came.  He cried for a good three minutes (long for him) and choked out that he wanted to have a party with friends.  We consoled and assured him he’d have a great time at the beach.  Well, he did!  He met a new friend, ate lots of junk food, went on rides, saw sea lions close up on the pier, played in the ocean, built a sandcastle, played miniature golf (one his favorite pastimes), and went to his favorite restaurant for dinner, Shrimp Taco No Bacon, a.k.a. Rubio’s.  (When he was younger and I would order a shrimp taco with no bacon, he thought that was the name of the restaurant.  About six months ago he finally learned the real name because he learned to read.  However, he still calls it Shrimp Taco No Bacon.  I love it!)

I thought I’d share a few photos of the B-man through his first five years before sharing his sixth birthday with you.

On the actual day of his 6th birthday there was a field trip to Ardenwood Farms.  It was a fantastic day filled with fun and learning.

We got to watch a blacksmith make knives;

a man shell, clean and pop popcorn;

a woman spin wool to make yarn;

learn about the tractors on the farm;

and other forms of transportation;

play some games;

get a little wet;

feed the animals;

and ride the horse-drawn rail car;

About a week and a half later, we had a party at Golfland miniature golf (again, a favorite pastime).  Our son was beyond thrilled and said he had ‘the best day ever’!  The kids ate pizza, played arcade games, had cake and played mini golf.  And to top it off, his teacher came!!  What a special treat!  Later at home he opened presents and loved every single one he got!  On a side note, here’s a tip for parents with kids who have too many toys:  For every toy our son receives, he has to give one away.  It really works for us because we explained to him how there are many children in the world who don’t have any toys at all.  And by giving up toys he’s willing to part with, it’ll make another child very happy.  We don’t pressure him at all, he takes his time and really thinks about what another child would like to have.

On a final note, shortly after all the festivities I sat down with our son and asked him a few short questions.  I think I may keep this up year after year, of course changing the questions as he ages, and eventually show him what he’s said over the years.

Q:  What has been the happiest day of your life?

A:  My 6th birthday

Q:  What cartoon character would you like to be and why?

A:  Perry The Platypus because he’s the best spy.

Q:  What’s the best thing about being 6 years old?

A: That I’m strong.

Q:  When have you been most afraid?

A:  In the dark.

Q:  If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change? 

A:  The power to color quickly.

Q:  What do you like most about yourself?

A:  That I can run fast.

Q: Who is your favorite superhero?

A:  Spider-man because he shoots webs (He’s only seen Spider-man in a store. Never seen the cartoon and is obsessed with the web power.)

Q:  What embarrasses you the most?

A:  When I fall down.

Q:  What is your favorite school subject and least favorite?

A:  Math lab & not going to recess.

Q:   What makes you most proud?

A:  That I try my best at everything.

Q:  What is your biggest complaint about the family?

A:  That I have to eat quick (He takes an hour to eat his dinner.)

Q:  If you could buy anything in the world what would you choose?

A:  Spider-man web shooter (He got this from a friend for his birthday a few days after I sat down with him.  He’s loving it!)

Q:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

A:  A spy (about six months ago it was a crossing guard)

Q:  What’s your favorite book?

A:  Trains, Cranes & Troublesome Trucks

Q:  What’s your favorite food?

A:  Cheese quesadilla

Q:  What is your best memory?

A:  Water roller coaster in San Diego (His first adult roller coaster he went on a couple of months ago).


Well, there you have it – the words of a six year old.  As I’m re-reading this for the blog post I’m realizing how much I’m going to cherish doing this year after year.  It’s just one small snap shot of time in his life, and down the road it’ll be fun to put them all together to see how he’s grown and changed.

Have a wonderful day!


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Toni Hallett Altomare - I don’t know you but stumbled on this from a friend’s site to to capture you your child memories I love I love it

Renee M Smith - Melanie thanks for sharing. I love the questions. He does live in the moment and is always up beat. He just sparkles with life. LOVE that boy!

Designed on Sunshine - Thank you! Right back atcha! <3

Lisa Trask Finfrock - Your such a great mom! =o)

Lisa Simmons Schinkel - I should call him and ask him if he wants to meet me for quesadillas, that would get me cracking up for sure!

Designed on Sunshine - You tell us the time and place, and we’re there! He’ll never pass up the opportunity for a Shrimp Taco No Bacon cheese quesadilla! He likes them better than our homemade ones!

Laura Gordillo - I loved that! Shrimp taco no bacon!

Lisa Simmons Schinkel - Oh I mean dinner at Shrimp Taco No Bacon of course!

Lisa Simmons Schinkel - Time for us to meet again for dinner so the Bodman and I can have our favorite dinner of cheese quesadilla. See there is a reason I was meant to love that kid besides how much he CRACKS me up!

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