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‘Bee’ Crafty

It’s that time of year… teacher appreciation is next week at my son’s school. Daily gestures have been scheduled with Wednesday being the free-to-do-what-you-want-day. This year’s theme is centered on bees.  Once I found this out, an idea to create a 16″ x 20″ poster board (in Photoshop Elements) popped into my head. I used some digital scrapbook images and pages, created a few of my own images, and placed faces on the bees. For privacy purposes, the blog image only has the teacher and my child on it. This gives you a good idea of how the rest of the poster looks.

Each bee has the child’s name on it (blurred for privacy).  The bottom says, We love you more than we love making honey.  Keeping in mind that my son’s teacher is a nice, down-to-earth, generous person who has a great sense of humor, I know she won’t be offended with the Queen Bee title.  She’ll find it endearing!

The $15 price tag to print it at Costco is well worth it to have a super cute memory for my son’s teacher!

Have a great weekend!


Joni Holland - Just darling my clever girl. She will love this forever!

Grandma Shelly - She is going to love this! What a cute idea and something she can easily keep as a memory of this school year.

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