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Annie’s: A Place I Love to Peruse

About a week ago we had the Mother’s Day activities pinned down.  We were going to pack up the car with our bikes, a picnic lunch, of course ourselves, and head over to Half Moon Bay.  When we woke up yesterday morning it was pretty windy and overcast, so we decided to ditch that idea.  Instead, I lovingly nudged the family to head up to Annie’s Annuals & Perennials in Richmond.  Every Mother’s Day they have a party with food, music, a clown, and giveaways.  The top prize is Queen for a Day where two winners get a 15 minute shopping spree!  In my estimate, that equates to hundreds of dollars in free plants!!!  Who wouldn’t want to win that?

This was the husband’s first trip to Annie’s and he was thoroughly impressed.  While he couldn’t believe the sheer size of it, I was gawking at and snapping pictures of all things in bloom.  Every time I’m there I’m like a kid in a candy store – endlessly drooling.

While the hubby was checking out the extensive list of offerings….

….our son was having his face painted by Budderball.

One of our son’s favorite topics right now is anything Spider-Man.  He’s never seen a Spider-Man cartoon or movie, but got his first look at the action hero in a toy store and he now wants to be Spider-Man.  He keeps asking if he can get bit by a radioactive spider so he can have web powers.  Sorry to disappoint my dear child, but mommy won’t let that happen!  😉  Anyway, can you guess what spider-boy requested?

(He proudly wore it until it washed off in the bath that evening.)

After visiting Annie’s half the day (I didn’t win any prizes but bought enough plants to keep their business scraping along another day), we cruised our way down the peninsula to watch some baseball and softball.  The hubby’s community college teams were in playoffs so it was the least I could do after the flower power morning.



The kid can only sit so long so after a few minutes he had to get in on the action and help our softball team’s pitching.

Both baseball and softball lost, one weekend short of state championships, but there’s always next year right?

Getting back to Annie’s, if you’re ever in the Bay Area it really is a must see!  It’s a gorgeous example of year-round garden fabulosity!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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