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I’m Melanie and I love doing all things creative! I live in the Bay Area in Northern California; a place I love to explore and can find inspiration almost anywhere, anytime of the year. With savvy spending, some ingenuity, a lot of patience, and a sense of humor you too can surround yourself with beautiful creations you’re proud of!


Below are some of the influences that have led me to start this blog.

Childhood experiences:
I’ve always loved creating in some way, shape or form since I was a child. I choreographed dances; made my prom dresses; wrote simple computer code back in the height of the Texas Instruments era (don’t ask me where that came from); attempted learning a couple different musical instruments; sang in the shower; wrote poetry; and baked anything my mom would allow me (It all started with the Easy Bake Oven. Tell me that wasn’t an ingenious invention!).

Personal philosophies:
~ Over the years, I’ve learned not to take myself too seriously for if I do, trouble comes a knockin’.
~ Through challenges I’ve learned what you put out there is what you get back.
~ I’m a ‘the glass is half full’ kinda gal who finds joy and/or lessons in every experience.
~ I love working with children as they teach us adults significantly more about life than we could ever teach them. Their truth and zest for life is unparalleled.
~ I try my best to live in the moment. Well, having a child really forced me into this philosophy. Ever since, my memory has left me like a young bird leaves its nest. I need this blog to remember what I’ve done! Oh, how I digress…
~ Learning something new every day keeps my wheels spinning and progresses me down a path for growth.

I have friends and family members who are downright awesome bakers, painters, landscapers, chefs, musicians, craftsmen, writers, entrepreneurs/business owners, and above all good people (all with a little bit of goofy and a lot of fun thrown in). I’m happy to say, over the years some of their masterful ways have rubbed off on me. Now, I’ll never claim to be an expert in anything but, I will say I have fun trying!

Follow my family through our DIY adventures while we explore home improvement, decorating, organic gardening, cooking, crafting, sewing, and landscaping projects. We’ll get dirty, have some laughs, share our mistakes and finished projects, and hopefully keep you wanting more!

Here’s to brightening your day from Designed on Sunshine!

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Designed on Sunshine - Come on over! It’ll be one big party, but I may put you to work!! 😉

Inga Bellamy - Can I come with Cyndy? 🙂

Designed on Sunshine - Thanks so much Cyndy! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me tackle and I’ll see what I can do!

Cyndy Skala - This really looks like fun Melanie, I would love to watch you do the stuff you plan on doing to your lovely home.

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